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7 HR Blogs That Will Change the Way You Work

Whether you’re a  new professional or a seasoned veteran, these 7 HR blogs will inspire you to shake things up.


In the ever-evolving field of human resources, the rapid-fire pace of new information, technology and legal issues can be overwhelming, especially if it’s compounded by a lack of guidance grounded in real-world experience. That’s where these 7 HR blogs come to the rescue.

Offering a mix of their own writing and well-chosen guest posts, the blogs of these HR veterans and workplace innovators will answer your stickiest HR quandaries, offer endless motivation and change the way you work.

1. HR Bartender

Who: Sharlyn Lauby is a recovering HR professional who formerly served as vice-president of human resources at a large global consulting firm. She’s now a training consultant focused on helping companies attract and retain talent, a dedicated foodie and a prolific blogger with some 73,000 Twitter followers.

Why We Love Her: Lauby dispenses friendly advice and wisdom, forgoing stodgy HR speak in favor of a style not unlike the amiable bartender at your neighborhood watering hole. But don’t be confused: she is fun, but she’s also serious. HR Bartender offers solutions-oriented posts on workplace issues, leadership, career advice, and frequently, Lauby’s favorite meals.

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2. HR Ringleader

Who: Trish McFarlane wields legendary influence in the blogosphere. She’s the author of HR Ringleader, the cofounder of the Women of HR site and can also be found talking about management, leadership and workforce technology on the HR Happy Hour podcast. She’s also the founder of the HRevolution conference, a sought-after speaker and has appeared on just about every “top HR blogs” list there is.

Why We Love Her: A former HR executive with more than 15 years’ experience in the business, McFarlane doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is, even when no one else will.

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laptop-943559_19203. Fistful of Talent/HR Capitalist

Who: Kris Dunn has not one, but two popular blogs to his credit. That’s in addition to his day job as CHRO at recruitment process outsourcing firm Kinetix. HR Capitalist focuses on HR topics, including family leave and recruitment spending, while the original idea behind Fistful of Talent was to create a site “Like the HR Capitalist, but without all the boring HR stuff.”

Why We Love Him: With each site offering a different tone and a roster of respected contributors, Dunn’s sites offer something for everyone, from straight-up advice to cautionary tales.

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4. Ask A Manager

Who: Prior to starting Ask A Manager, Allison Green worked as a chief of staff in an office setting. Today, — with a focus on providing advice on leadership, hiring and interviewing to those beginning their careers — she offers the kind of helpful advice they don’t teach in B-school.

Why We Love Her: Green describes herself as opinionated and bossy, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on her blog. She’s a breath of fresh air in the world of management writing and a valued resource for young managers who might not know where else to take their most challenging issues.

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5. TalentCulture

Who: Meghan Biro is a multimedia workplace evangelist spreading the gospel of culture and innovation with her website TalentCulture, plus her great #WorkTrends podcast and Twitter chat. Biro is also a frequent contributor to publications including Forbes and Huffington Post.

Why We Love Her: Throughout her burgeoning media empire, Biro’s content — covering topics as diverse as cyberslacking and likeability — is interesting, timely, and, best of all, actionable.

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 6. Blogging 4 Jobs

Who: Before launching Blogging 4 Jobs in 2005, founder and chief blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell held HR roles at several Fortune 500 firms, including Target, The Home Depot and Office Max. Today, she’s the vice-president of talent strategies at staffing firm Advanced Resources, and with Blogging 4 Jobs, she’s garnered an impressive 114,000 Twitter followers and a long list of online-influencer accolades.

Why We Love Her: Miller-Merrell provides advice for workers at all career levels, from college students to senior management, with plenty of real-world perspective and a full roster of smart contributors.

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7. The Tim Sackett Project

Who: A well-known and respected HR professional who was practically born into the business. (You can read more about him in our recent OpenWork Conversations Q&A.)

Why We Love Him: With a blunt and irreverent style, Sackett leads readers on a no-holds-barred journey through his thoughts on the industry, technology and recruiting, all while providing valuable info for anyone interested in the future of HR.

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