Reinventing Work

If You Could Walk Into Work and Change One Thing, What Would It Be?

Our collective workplace New Year’s resolution should be to rethink when, where and how work is done. Here’s why.


All this month on Facebook and Twitter we’ve been asking people in the OpenWork community: If you could walk into work and change one thing in 2017, what would it be?

At OpenWork we believe workplaces can and will change for the better, but only when employees and employers come together to think outside the box about how things can be done differently. There’s a poverty of imagination when it comes to when, where and how work can be done, and as our OpenWork success stories demonstrate, when we shatter that poverty of imagination, workplaces improve for everyone.

From ditching bad workplace habits to shrinking the workday, there are countless ways to rethink when, where and how work is done. (Check out the hashtag #work2017 feed on Facebook and Twitter for a look at some of the workplace resolutions our followers are making).

When we ask people this question, the most consistent answer always is: I want to work from home …. or the coffee shop … the beach … or while I’m on the road. Developments in tech and culture have made remote work more feasible for many workers over the past few decades, and people in all kinds of industries have found they do better work when they can work from wherever they want. As part of our #work2017 campaign, we asked remote work all-star Ruth Ann Harnisch to tell us how she makes working from anywhere work for her.

How have you rethought when, where or how work is done? How do you plan to do so in 2017? Give us a shout @OpenWork on social or email, and we just might feature you as our next OpenWork profile.