OpenWork Increases Employee Engagement

One study found that flexibility led to higher engagement, lower stress and lower turnover intention compared to workers without flexibility.


The 2008 report, “Innovative Workplace Flexibility Options for Hourly Workers,” by Corporate
 Families’ Workplace 
Project, examined the impact of flexible practices among lower income workers, an audience often lacking access to flexibility. Based on research at five organizations, the study found wide use of and positive outcomes for these practices when available. In particular, the report finds that flexibility “fit” — access to a wide range of flexibility options, their ease of use, along with management buy-in — is especially influential. According to the report:

Having flexibility “fit” is strongly related to employees’ connection to their employer and their well‐being. Employees who have the flexibility they need have 55 percent higher engagement, 55 percent less stress, and 45 percent lower turnover intention than employees who do not.

For more information, download the report here.